BIO International Resource Center

We have materials! As part of our ongoing ministry to internationals in the Birmingham area, we provide Christian literature. For those who are interested in learning more about a relationship with God in Jesus and the Christian faith, the BIO office has materials in many of the world's languages.

We put a high value on the idea of a person being able to read or investigate spiritual truths in his or her heart language. Thus, we have Bibles, booklets, and videos available at our International Resource Center at Briarwood Church.

If you would like to learn about Jesus and the Bible privately, we will be happy to meet within your schedule and help you to understand the Good News in the Bible. Just let us know about this.

Please contact the BIO office with any requests at or 776-5404.
Online Resources

Every International Student -- Exploring questions about life and God
Ultimate Questions about God and our relationship to Him
Watch a movie online about Jesus in English or other languages. Click here
Watch online "The Hope: The Story of God's Promise for All People." Click here
People of all backgrounds learn about Jesus.
This web site is also available in Chinese and Arabic.
Mobile Apps

YouVersion -- read the Bible online. Available in many languages.
The Jesus Fill Project -- watch a documentary video about the life, teaching, and death of Jesus. Available in many languages.
TWR 360 -- free Christian media, music, film, and video. Available in many languages.
Resources for Christians